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We prioritize a clear understanding of a company’s employment targets in order to carefully leverage our expertise to reach them. When needed, we act as trusted advisors to help define these targets.


Our comprehensive and tailored search process is underpinned by solid Research methodologies and Business Intelligence. We find the perfect candidates with the required competencies and the capacity to add to the organization's culture.


To complement the search process, we incorporate industry leading assessments and guided client engagement procedures. Each hire will be the perfect choice.


Recruitment powered by
Research and Business Intelligence

Hiring and building capacity requires a strategic approach, efficiency and reliable means of measuring results. Research and Business Intelligence are the best methods to support these requirements. Recruitment efforts will yield more tailored results, require less time and resources as well as provide invaluable “real world” assessments.  

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Aban Recruitment Insights-Well Connected

How well connected are you?

Employers of choice provide connections for their employees both inside and outside the organization. They connect them to outside experts, mentors, senior management, peer groups and many more ways for people to learn, be inspired and progress. It is an effective Recruitment strategy for attracting and retaining the talent you need.

Professionals are looking for employment opportunities at companies that are genuinely interested in...   read more

Finding the best talent outside your industry

All companies have critical roles which are challenging to fill. It is possible that despite the most exhaustive Executive Search efforts, this talent is unavailable in their industry. If so, Research and Business Intelligence will be critical to finding and securing the perfect candidate, one who possess the ideal competencies and cultural experience from outside this industry...    read more

Aban Recruitment Insights-Finding the best talent
Aban Recruitment Insights-Demystifying

Demystifying investing in a workforce

Businesses seeking to ensure longevity, invest considerably in Succession Planning before its current leadership transitions out of the organization. By combining Development, Business Intelligence and a proactive Recruitment strategy into a Succession Plan, companies can appropriately classify the next generation of available talent and prepare those with the potential to progress. After development, these future leaders can be deployed in the right way and at the right time...   read more

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We have an extensive network of industry experts, recruitment specialists and advisors on three continents. Let us know how you see yourself as part of Aban.

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