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Business Intelligence

Analytics Insights


Competitor Analysis

Whether direct, indirect or a replacement competitor, our comprehensive competitor analysis is underpinned by a few key variables; understanding their internal structure, their client and supply chain relationships as well as their market profile.

This is the basis from which an accurate determination of their strengths and weaknesses can be achieved.

From this intel, effective strategies, including talent management can be created for the purpose of mitigating operational risk, adjusting market position, or differentiating your company from the competition.

Our competitor analysis is also rooted in our solid Market Research methodology which provides a clear picture of the entire landscape and support the analysis.

Competitor Anlysis

Operation feasibility

The alignment of capacity planning, appropriate resources and the business objectives of company is crucial to determining the feasibility of its operations or the success of any of its projects.

Our feasibility studies and testing focuses on the how prepared a company is to satisfy talent or capacity requirements before engaging in activities such as, launching a product, entering a new market or undertaking expansion initiatives.

A structured and thorough exploration of the implied costs, benefits and risks is performed. Exhaustive testing of all assumptions and rationale is also conducted to create datasets which objectively clarify the operational as well as the financial feasibility.

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Opeatin Feasibility


Data produced by a business and by its industry can be overwhelming and also elusive. We act as the necessary objective outside observers who are experienced in data analytics. We translate this data into business insights to be used in critical Recruitment and Operations decision making and to propel your business.

Our dashboarding support helps companies any bias associated with their own review of data. We uncover insights which are often ignored or excluded from the matrix but prove to be relevant and impactful when appropriately contextualised.

The wide range of data is transformed into concise, appropriate and relevant dashboards.  Management teams rely on this form of support in measuring and managing the impact of their decision.


Data Analytics

Converting the huge amounts data which impacts a company into purposeful insights, begins with interrogating the company’s internally created data as well as its external sources. It is also important to inspect the parameters for data collection.

The data specific to a company’s talent and capacity, needs special attention. The associated implications are critical to efforts such as Recruitment as well as problem solving and exploiting growth opportunities.

Our analytics team is experienced at working with companies with an array of tools from Factor, Cluster to Time Series analysis. We help companies make sense of the data and distil vital insights to be leveraged by its management team.

Data Analytics

Business Intelligence Insights

Aban Recruitment-Business Intellligence

Business Intel comes from somewhere and it needs to go somewhere. We already know what to do with Active Business Intelligence, record it and use it. However, when we encounter Passive Business Intelligence, doing nothing is not a good option, if it requires no action on your part. Intel begs some form of continual judgement, so pass it on.

Pass it on

Aban Recruitment-Recasting roles

The intel which talent management professionals are responsible for measuring and maintaining, affords them the expertise to be cast as integral to the decision-making process when it comes to talent, as opposed to agents who manage the objectives and are held accountable.

Benefits of recasting roles

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