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Aban Recruitment-Finding the best Talent

Finding the best talent outside your industry

All companies have critical roles which are challenging to fill. It is possible that despite... read more

Aban Recruitment-Augmenting the interview

Augmenting the interview process

Psychometric assessments have become more common at the end of the hiring process and more executives have come to expect them. read more

Finding Bes Talent
Aban Recruitment-Well connected

How well connected are you?

Employers of choice provide connections for their employees both inside and outside the organization. They connect them to outside experts, mentors, senior management, peer groups and... read more

Aban Recruitment-Succession plan

Demystifying investing in a workforce

Businesses seeking to ensure longevity, invest considerably in Succession Planning before... read more

Well Cnnected


Aban Recruitment-Market Mapping

Market Mapping and reliable Benchmarking

An important aspect of Market Mapping is that it helps companies reap the benefits of proper Benchmarking. This type of research provides... read more

Aban Recruitment-Talent Mapping

Mapping Transmitter and Receiver

Consistent mapping activities yield an array of benefits through the collection and analysis of data. An additional benefit is its potential to transmit specific information to the group which is the subject of... read more  


Business Intelligence

Aban Recruitment-Business Intelligence

Pass it on

Business Intel comes from somewhere and it needs to go somewhere. We already know what to do with Active Business Intelligence, record it and use it... read more

Aban Recruitment-Business Intelligence2

Benefits of recasting roles

The intel which talent management professionals are responsible for measuring and maintaining, affords them the expertise to be cast as integral... read more

Insights-Business Intellignce
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