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Aban Recruitment-Finding the best Talent

Finding the best talent outside your industry

All companies have critical roles which are challenging to fill. It is possible that despite the most exhaustive Executive Search efforts, this talent is unavailable in their industry. If so, Research and Business Intelligence will be critical to finding and securing the perfect candidate, one who possess the ideal competencies and cultural experience from outside this industry. A recruitment agency with expertise across several industries and a strong network within them, will also be an advantage.

There are also several concerns which need to be addressed in this situation, such as acclimatization and onboarding. Your recruitment agency should be able to assist if needed.

Conversely, it is hard to ignore the benefits such as gaining necessary capacity, new perspectives and exposure to new methodologies. Practices that are mundane in one industry can be eye opening in another.

Aban Recruitment-Augmenting the interview

Augmenting the interview process

Psychometric assessments have become more common at the end of the hiring process and more executives have come to expect them. Although companies have put significant trust in their HR department and their stakeholders to play impactful roles in the interview process, there can be additional benefits to be had. Consulting assessment professionals for guidance in the interview process can significantly augment the process for company and candidate. It can create more overall symmetry between interviews and assessment. Other benefits include proper handling of questions surrounding sensitive issues and effective ways to investigate the aspects important to the company. In the end, this guidance will enable companies to get a more complete understanding of the psychometric assessment results when they review it. Engaging with assessment professionals is a sensible for of professional development which is finding its place more and more on the agenda of proactive companies seeking to get full benefit from the recruitment efforts.

Finding Bes Talent
Aban Recruitment-Well connected

How well connected are you?

Employers of choice provide connections for their employees both inside and outside the organization. They connect them to outside experts, mentors, senior management, peer groups and many more ways for people to learn, be inspired and progress. It is an effective Recruitment strategy for attracting and retaining the talent you need.

Professionals are looking for employment opportunities at companies who are genuinely interested in supporting their passion and the type of legacy they would like to build. Connecting talent with these resources or streamlining access to them, has become more important than common company “perks”.

Whether it’s a passion project or professional development, related to the business or otherwise, it is important to link employees to these things. The connection carries a host of mutual benefits to the employer and employee.

Aban Recruitment-Succession plan

Demystifying investing in a workforce

Businesses seeking to ensure longevity, invest considerably in Succession Planning before its current leadership transitions out of the organization. By combining Development, Business Intelligence and a proactive Recruitment strategy into a Succession Plan, companies can appropriately classify the next generation of available talent and prepare those with the potential to progress. After development, these future leaders can be deployed in the right way and at the right time.

A succession plan needs to be seamless in execution to be labelled as successful. It must ensure that leadership changes do not interrupt major business objectives. Investment in services and activities to secure this seamless transition have found their rightful place in the budgets of proactive companies.

Well Cnnected


Aban Recruitment-Market Mapping

Market Mapping and reliable Benchmarking

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Aban Recruitment-Talent Mapping

Mapping Transmitter and Receiver

Consistent mapping activities yield an array of benefits through the collection and analysis of data. An additional benefit is its potential to transmit specific information to the group which is the... read more


Business Intelligence

Aban Recruitment-Business Intelligence

Pass it on

Business Intel comes from somewhere and it needs to go somewhere. We already know what to do with Active Business Intelligence, record it and use it. However, when we encounter Passive Business Intelligence, doing nothing is not a good option, although the intel requires no action on your part. Intel begs some form of continual judgement, so pass it on.

Cataloguing the movement of business intel within organizations is a necessary to measure its impact and how the organisation is responding. This will create even more business intel which is by nature the definition of good business intel. It is collective responsibility of the organization to allow everyone to draw their own conclusion on the intel.

We formally crunch data in information, model it as knowledge to be presented. Each receiver processes it to determine if it deserves the label of insight. Not passing it on interrupts this formal intelligence process.

Aban Recruitment-Business Intelligence2

Benefits of recasting roles

The intel which talent management professionals are responsible for measuring and maintaining, affords them the expertise to be cast as integral to the decision-making process when it comes to talent, as opposed to agents who manage the objectives and are held accountable.

The symmetry between talent management and the strategic management of an organization to achieve its objectives, needs close coordination, because talent management is linked to organizational capacity. This close coordination between talent management and leadership ensures that this intel is also used appropriately in development and support initiatives.

Insights-Business Intellignce
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