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Executive Search

We tailor each search assignment to find professionals who are in tune with an organization’s DNA, its industry and who will add to its culture.

Our purpose-built team of recruitment specialist work in sync with our extensive network of advisors and industry experts to achieve the best results. We incorporate the most appropriate methodologies according to the scope and the need. The most pertinent evaluation procedures are employed, avoiding bias and engagement is handled with the highest level of sensitivity.

Through our years of experience, we have designed a program to exploit our expertise and resources to ensure all executive search and talent management objectives and converted into reality.

With our help, companies hire the best people, build successful teams, and generate value for shareholders.

Executive Search

Board Appointments

​We understand that board members and boardroom practices have a fundamental importance on a corporation’s ability to thrive. Therefore, our work is founded on gaining a deep understanding of the needs of the organization’s board. This approach includes using tools such as management audit and cultural reviews 


Aban’s board consultants and team of advisors are current and former board members of companies of various sizes and across several industries. Issues such as ethics, governance, accountability and regulatory requirements are some of their fields of expertise.  

​They augment our services is in areas such as candidate identification, board composition, development, assessment and placement.

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Board Appointments
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Interim Management

Transitions or transformational periods in a company requires access to the full complement of talent necessary for success and stability during these times. Interim executives fill these management and skills gaps necessary to maintain organizational health, while avoiding disruptions and increased organizational risks.

Although these executives possess traits to specialize in short term leadership, Aban has a reputation for finding ones who are skilled at leaving long-term effects.

Our interim management and executive search process are subject to same care and rigour in execution. Our attention to the needs of the organization are consistent, allowing for the requirements of the role to dictate the structure of the search process.

Interim Mangement

Talent Pipeline

An availability of talent, ready to be deployed when necessary, can be a business's greatest asset. Talent pipelining is useful in building capacity for the current and future needs of an organization. It is the foundation for Development and for Succession Planning. It is also critical to a company’s strategic plans and longevity trajectory.  

Combining career pathing, development or “soft” Onboarding with internal and external Talent Pipelining are some of the ways which companies can properly exploit its benefits. It is through these structured monitoring and engagement processes that facilitate the associated transitions of Talent Pipelining.

Throughout our years of experience, we have refined our identification, engagement, monitoring and development efforts for Talent Pipelining. We ensure that they work seamlessly with the strategies of the companies we partner with.

Talent Pipeline

Recruitment Insights

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All companies have critical roles which are challenging to fill. It is possible that despite the most exhaustive Executive Search efforts, this talent is unavailable in their industry. If so, it may be necessary to look outside the industry. In this situation, Research and Business Intelligence are critical to the success of recruitment efforts.

To find the best talent; look outside your industry

Aban Recruitment-Interview2

Psychometric assessments have become more common at the end of the hiring process and more executives have come to expect them. Although companies have put significant trust in their HR department and their stakeholders to play impactful roles in the interview process, there can be additional benefits to be had. 

Augmenting the interview process

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