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Market Research

Market Research

Market Research grants an awareness of how competitors position talent management and recruitment in response to activity in the market. This  is critical to creating strategies for remaining competitive or surpassing the competition. Market Research can answer questions such as; where to target recruitment efforts in and outside the industry, where does a company fall in terms of desirability, and what are the returns for specific strategies.


Market research can also identify and assess all employers of choice and investigate the specific variables that contribute to maintaining this status.


Our services are grounded in comprehensive market research and analysis. The data is translated into impactful datasets, specific to our clients’ objectives and how they operate.


Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is the prudent and economically sound process of identifying the best talent, both internally and externally to fit a business strategy. It provides broader market insight, identifies skills gaps, as well as used to retain top talent, build and maintain organizational culture. 

Our accomplished team of researchers and industry experts work with our clients in designing a mapping strategy which includes a targeted list of sectors, companies and places where  talent are known to be actively engaging. The strategy also includes organisations and individuals which are off-limits.


To help companies get the best value from talent mapping, the results are followed up with detailed analysis and translation of the data into impactful variables specific to the company’s strategy.

Talent Mapping

Industry Mapping

Industry Mapping is essential to understanding the spread of talent across industries. It also identifies all the players in an industry and in what capacity they utilize specific talent. It can answer questions such as whether a certain type of talent exists in an industry. Proactive and progressive companies also use industry mapping to identify trends in progression or migration of talent within industries.

Our exhaustive research produces datasets of the industry’s top talent, competitors, network of suppliers, clients and beyond. This helps to source potential candidates with the necessary competencies to support a company’s strategy or to immediately fill specialist to leadership roles.

Through Industry Mapping, we provide organisations with the required intelligence for objectives such as launching initiatives, penetrating new markets and recruiting exceptional professionals.

Industry Mapping

Research Insights

Aban Recruitment-Research-Benchmarking2

An important aspect of market mapping is that it helps companies reap the benefits of proper Benchmarking. The research provides important data for understanding the drivers that influence the industry’s practices and also how a company compares to its competition.. It is also important to remember that benchmarking needs adjustments.

Be prepared for Benchmarking

Aban Recruitment-Talent Mapping-Transmitter2

Consistent mapping activities yield an array of benefits through the collection and analysis of data. An additional benefit is its potential to transmit specific information to the group which is the subject of the mapping exercise. Recruitment professionals are equipped to act ambassadors for the client which they are conducting the mapping for.

A Mapping transmitter and receiver

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